Is there a way to type a dollar sign with two vertical lines?

Answer Yes, depends what font you are using though. This not be able to happen if the font on a website is set for example. If you want a sign with two lines, its a swap for the sign with one line.

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Your screen is black in the center with a white turqouise and blue vertical lines on the left and red yellow white purple and blue vertical lines on the right what is wrong?

Why is there a dollar sign on the keyboard, but no cent sign?

The dollar sign is also used in programming language, so it's simply more common. As others have said, there's no need for a specific cent key, although there is an ALT key code for it. ALT + 0162

My tv screen is blue with white vertical lines ( - this way)?

you need to change ur flyback transformer!!omg 40 sec left!!!!

How can I fix the vertical lines on my LCD tv?

u need a pixel unsticker, or a dead pixel fixer.....what u will need to do is somehow connect ur pc to ur tv, or get to play this...…everything u need to k... Read More »