Is there a way to txt someone from my computer to their phone using yahoo e-mail?

Answer There is a yahoo messenger out for iphone have him download that and then you go to yahoo messenger on your computer and there you go.

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Where do I report someone using yahoo IM and yahoo mail to try to con money from woman?

Let me know what results you get please. E-mail me, as I am also intrigued.

How can someone pull up there e-mail from my computer?

If your friend's email is through an online service (i.e. gmail, yahoo), then they should be able to access it by simply using the internet and logging in.

How can I stop someone from using my computer when I am not there?

First, you need to set up a password. Go to the control panel and select User Accounts. Next select your user name. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del and select change password. Create a password that only yo... Read More »

How could I know if someone has received an e-mail from me on Yahoo?

It is not possible with an internet email account, you need to have a program (ie: Outlook) and set the function.