Is there a way to tell if you broke your ankle or just twisted/sprained it?

Answer if you still have movement of the joint without major pain, then it is unlikely to be broken. hairline fractures cause little swelling, and can resemble a severe strain, so there is no absolute way... Read More »

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How can you tell if you broke your finger or just bruised it?

You did the right thing icing in the first few days keeps down the swelling.make sure that the splint is not too it sounds like that your finger moves whether it is painful or not.if you ... Read More »

What do you say to your son who broke an ankle?

Say these exact words, "Son, I'm not sure how else to out this. But you broke your ankle."

If my phone is already broke would i be able to get insurance wait 1 month then claim it has just broke?

That would be a criminal offence punishable by up to 5 years in prison. Your call.

How do you tell if you broke your foot?

by going to the doctors or the hospital--They are correct. The only way to tell definitively that your foot is broken is to have x-rays taken. Common signs would be pain, especially when weight is ... Read More »