Is there a way to 'strip' () an audio file of the music and only keep the voice?

Answer Depending on the media.An average MP3 only has the one track which has both music and lyrics put together. There are some tools to help drown out the music and isolate the lyrics, but they aren't p... Read More »

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No voice audio with blu ray, only background/sound effects?

This happens with PC too. And read why it happens. A bluray has sound of 5.1 or 7.1. The dialogues cannot be heard & the background can be heard clearly when it is in 5.1 or 7.1 mode. But the sound... Read More »

How Can I Change a Video File Into an Audio File Only?

A video file usually contains audio that was embedded into it when the video was encoded. You may want to extract the audio from the video file, for example, to take the soundtrack or a piece of sp... Read More »

On my compter there are two audio-out ports, but I can only listen to sound from only one port at a time?

They are not designed for what you intend.…

How does one add a headphone analog audio out jack to a stereo TV which has only 2 tiny weak speakers and only a coaxial digital audio out orange RCA type jack?

You would have to purchase a Digital to Analog converter and connect the SPDIF (orange RCA connector) to the D/A converter's digital input via a RCA/SPDIF cable. Then you would have to connect some... Read More »