Is there a way to 'strip' () an audio file of the music and only keep the voice?

Answer Depending on the media.An average MP3 only has the one track which has both music and lyrics put together. There are some tools to help drown out the music and isolate the lyrics, but they aren't p... Read More »

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In itunes how do change an AAC audio file to a MPEG audio file.?

If it is music bought in Itunes, the DRM prevents it from being converted to another file type, if it is just a normal AAC file, you can just right click it and tell it to convert to MP3

How to Strip Audio off of a Youtube Video Using Listentoyoutube.Com?

This article explains how to strip audio from a Youtube video using ListenToYoutube online software at

Which is the best voice (audio) recorder ?

i recommend the professional Olympus Digital Recorders, you can buy a lot from ebay, like: VN5500PC

How can I get the audio from a music video Just the audio and nothing else?

this site is really good! i have used it on like 12 MJ live performances!!