Is there a way to stop the digital TV takeover in 2009?

Answer You don't really HAVE to get cable or satellite as long as you have a digital tv or HD tv. And you only need a digital converter box if you are using the old fashioned rabbit ears in order to watch... Read More »

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Why do we all need digital cable by Feb. 2009?

First of all, you don't need digital cable. If you currently subscribe to a cable/satellite services, chances are you don't need to do anything at all as the cable/satellite companies will likely ... Read More »

Digital coaxial vs. digital optical, is there a difference in terms of sound quality output?

there are aurguments both ways, but the bottom line is, the difference is minamal at best, and the equipment required to bring out thoses differences is likely way better than what your using (it c... Read More »

Do you need to buy a digital tv for the digital changeover in 2008 or is there an alternative?

You do not necessarily need to have a DIGITAL TV for the forthcoming Digital Switchover.That is an option, however you can still use a non digital TV (Analogue), by simply using a Digital Set Top B... Read More »

What digital cameras came out in 2009?

Convex, concave. Seriously you can find this stuff in a book.