Is there a way to share pictures on Skype without having to save them?

Answer Hey!No, there is no other way to share pictures other than saving them. You can send it to the user, they will receive it and save it. If they want to, they will delete it, if they don't, then they... Read More »

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How to Screen Share on Skype?

Have you ever wanted to show someone your computer screen when it’s not possible to be physically next to them? Skype has a function that allows you to share your computer screen or to see the co... Read More »

How do you share screens on skype for windows 8?

Windows 8 has nothing to do with Skype and Skype has nothing to do with Windows 8 or any other operating system.Its just Share Screen feature is not available to free users anymore. You need Skype ... Read More »

Saving Pictures and a problem. Whenever I save a pic, the right click 'save as'?

I Google and find answer for you:SUMMARYWhen you save an image in Microsoft Internet Explorer, the image is saved by default as a bitmap (.bmp). You do not have the option to save the image by usin... Read More »

I don't have the option to screen share on a skype call, what do I do?

1) Update your Skype2) Log in to Skype3) Select the friend(s) you want to share the desktop with4) From the top bar, select call, and then Share desktop5) If you aren't already in a call, it will c... Read More »