Is there a way to set a document to print 2-sided all the time?

Answer If you don not have a duplex printer with that option, it is not possibleOtherwise, you will need to print to one side, reverse the paper and print to the other side

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How Do I Make the Ink Level Show on My HP Every Time I Print a Document?

Many HP printers come with display screens that allow you to view important messages regarding your print settings. For example, following each print job, a notification will appear on the screen s... Read More »

How do I copy a two-sided document with an HP printer?

Load and StartPlace your paper into the HP printer. Remember the side you started with because you will refeed your paper into the printer later on an opposite side.CopyMake a copy of your document... Read More »

How to Print a Double-Sided PDF?

Portable Document Format files are found on several platforms, including Windows, Mac and Linux. The files let you embed graphics, charts, text and pictures. You can even include hyperlinks, so you... Read More »

How to Print Double Sided?

Most home printers require an attachment called a "duplexer" for double-sided printing. However, it's easy to manually print double-sided pages on any printer, just by reinserting the sheets in the... Read More »