Is there a way to scan something and save and open with Excel?

Answer There is a way to that, you just need to have some specific software. Theres one called Readiris (OCR Software), which basically takes anything you have on paper (from a newspaper, regular paper, m... Read More »

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Is there any scanner which can scan and send to excel ?

No scanner can do that.Scanner scans a document as Image and it can not scan as Character data.To do the same you need extra software called OCR (Optical Character Recognition).And most of the OCR ... Read More »

Im 15 and i want to save up for something. what would be something good to save up for?

Excel 2003: When I open a folder/file in Excel, it takes a while to open Why so slow?

When you open MS-Excel by itself, there is no data there to read. It is just the application with a blank and empty set of spreadsheets.But when you open an existing workbook (or file) within MS-E... Read More »

Is there an auto save feature in Microsoft Excel 2007?

Microsoft Excel 2007 includes an auto save feature, also referred to as Auto Recover. Click on the Excel icon on the left-hand corner of the Excel sheet and scroll down to "Excel Options." A new wi... Read More »