Is there a way to save a session in google chrome?

Answer Sort of. Under settings (the wrench icon on the top right) choose "Options", then the "Basics" tab, and under "On startup:", you should see a choice "Restore the pages that were open last". Give ... Read More »

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How do you save bookmarks in google chrome?

if you export them as an .html file, you click on the names of the sites and it will open them. I jsut tried it. Oh! and you can open the .html file with all of your bookmakrs even when your not on... Read More »

How to remove browse to save ads from my browser google chrome it not appear in my computer?

Try this:Junkware Removal Tool:…AdwCleaner:…This video shows the products being used: Read More »

Which Levels in Angry Birds (Google Chrome) Have the Chrome Ball to unlock the Google Chrome Levels?

Levels (0 based)1-16 (15)1-18 (17)1-20 (19)2-4 (24)2-20 (40)3-7 (48)3-14 (55)

Norton doesnt let me choose a SCAN SESSION to save my scan session information?