Is there a way to register for Instagram without a smartphone?

Answer You don't have to have a smartphone to access instagram. However, you do need either a tablet or an ipod touch. If you have either of those devices, I would suggest logging into instagram using the... Read More »

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How to Register for the Instagram Api?

Instagram is an iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad app that allows users to take or select photos from their device and upload them to various social networks and services. The app also provides the abil... Read More »

How do I delete all my pictures off of Instagram without deleting my Instagram?

Click on a photo, where there's dots / circles press that then press delete and do that with all the ones you wanna delete :) x

Instagram question i find it hard to use the crop on instagram to crop my picsany suggestions?

You can go to the app store and search "Crop" and a bunch of cropping apps will show up. You can find which one you like & maybe it will be easier to crop them! You can crop them before you put the... Read More »

Differences Between a Smartphone & a Non-Smartphone?

A smartphone combines the features of an ordinary mobile phone with many of the advantages of a PDA such as email capability and scheduling. Modern smartphones also offer media capabilities, such a... Read More »