Is there a way to prevent waking up with bad breath Any tips?

Answer There is a product in the chain Drug Stores and Wal-Mart called Breath RX. I use it and found it to be very effective. I no longer wake up feeling that an elephant slept in mouth. After brushing... Read More »

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How to prevent waking up at night?

Yeah I would recommend NOT taking a medicinal drug like tylenol because if you are using it unnecessarily your body can form a sort of resistance to it, so next time you really need it as a pain re... Read More »

How can I prevent myself from waking too early?

I had that problem for years dougal, it stopped when i left school, :)

The tips of the leaves of my deiffenbachia are turning brown Is there anything you can do to prevent it?

It might need to be watered more, but you can also trim the brown off to make them look better. Shape into a point to make them look more natural.

What can help cover alcohol on ur breath (my gf hates smelling it on my breath is there anything i could do so?