Is there a way to play a mic through a speaker?

Answer This can certainly be done with the help of an amplifier.Basically most microphones have very low output levels so amplification is needed to allow it to drive a speaker. You can pick up amplifiers... Read More »

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Why Does The Radio Still Play Through The External Speaker When The Headphones Are Plugged In?

Maybe there's a setting that needs to be changed.

IPhone4 was plugged into an iPulse jukebox The iPhone says charging not supported with accessory and when you click play the music plays through the phone's speaker instead of the iPulse How to fix?

They are very good phones but xperia arc is better than iphone 4 for a little!! --------Arc is better but iPhone 4 is still the best when it comes to OS & Display. Check the sources below

Will a remote work through a speaker cloth?

The infrared signal that is transmitted by most remote controls won't work through speaker cloth. As an alternative, consider using a remote control that utilizes radio frequencies (RF). RF remotes... Read More »

Phone music through headphones instead of speaker?

You can simply buy a headset for your phone, and plug it in. What I don't like is you only have one speaker. I know phone carriers sell actual headphones for cellular phones, but they're pretty pricy.