Is there a way to permit only one website on firefox?

Answer You damn sure aren't going to filter out all websites. If it were me, I'd simply create a computer user account just for her, set pbskids as the start page in her account, and remove all the browse... Read More »

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Is there a place to make a free website where only you can access it?

Well ... this is the solution ...You learn to programming , but I don't think this is your idea . :D:Dor try a website builder, a web service that lets you create your website or Web Content with ... Read More »

How do you enable cookies on Firefox using mac os x leopard... When I click on Tools there is no options menu. I have only had a problem trying to load ESPN Insider - possible virus?

Nevermind, I apparently forgot that on the Mac, things are under Firefox-Preferences. I still can't get ESPN Insider's "Rumor Central" to load without getting an error message about cookies. Maybe ... Read More »

My date only has his permit?

He can get pulled over and arrested, but no big deal, right?

How to Block a Website in Firefox 3.6?

Mozilla Firefox offers a free add-on that lets you block URLs on the computer. BlockSite blocks only URLs in the Firefox 3.6 browser, so you can use other browsers without restrictions. You must ad... Read More »