Is there a way to microwave leftover pizza without it getting soggy?

Answer Oven takes too long so stick to the microwave although to keep it from getting soft get a place and cover it with paper towels, then place the pizza on top of the paper towels and heat. The paper t... Read More »

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How to Microwave Pizza Without the Crust Going Soggy?

You might have asked yourself several times how to microwave last night’s pizza without the entire thing going soggy. Well, just a few simple steps and the push of a few buttons, and you’re rea... Read More »

Can I reheat fried eggs in microwave without getting sick?

Can I put leftover fried eggs in microwave?

To reheat? Yes; as long as the yolk has been fried hard. A runny yolk will pop in the microwave, and make a mess.

How to keep unagi sushi from getting soggy?

You ask the store to separate the unagi (eel) from the sushi rice in two separate boxes. Or you can buy the pack and separate them yourself at home. Then when you want to eat, just take the unagi, ... Read More »