Is there a way to mass delete old Facebook content?

Answer Noo sadly :/

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Is there any way to mass delete emails on gmail?

Above the mail section... theres a checkbox with a drop arrow. Its next to refresh... Click the checkbox and it will select all mail items in the current view.

Is there a way to delete or hide the current session on Facebook?

No, its not possible. Basically, a session is started when the user first enters a site, i.e. when they request any ASP page from anywhere on the site for the first time (loading a non-ASP page doe... Read More »

Is there an easier way I can delete over one hundred "friends" on Facebook?…

Is there saturated fat content if only fat content is given?

NO, Even though the food's nutritional info says there is no Saturated fat,the foods still contain saturated fats in them . Because the fats may not be present at the time of packing and sealing bu... Read More »