Is there a way to make your voice notes on your iPhone 3GS become your ringtone?

Answer because you need to collect all the stars

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Can you transfer notes that you type into your iPhone 3G onto your computer for editing and vice versa?

I don't use your format but I do use my Blackberry from time to rime for purposes similar to yours. I simply email to my PC then transfer to Microsoft word. Edit then send it back to email via atta... Read More »

What will allow you to make your ringtone louder, when it gets played on your phone ?

Bitrate when u make by computer increase it .

How come on itunes it shows all of your ringtone but on your iPhone 3g it only shows?

How come it shows on itunes all the ringtones i put onto my iphone 3g, but on my actual iphone it only shows a few of them? crap i dont like auto correct... it makes me mess up soo bad!!! LOL

If you buy an iPhone app on your iPhone 4 and then delete it when you sync it to your computer will it still be there?

heck no!! i got mine just a week ago and its my favorite present ever!! i can do whatever i want on it. and the possibilities are endless; im on it right now!! also, the two cameras are AWESOME and... Read More »