Is there a way to make your avatar/picture on yahoo answers larger?

Answer The user above is right about Barkley Hound who has helped me out with Y!A problems a while back.This is his Best Answer on how to get your Yahoo Answers avatar bigger. Read More »

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PARIS HILTON: Are The People On Yahoo Answers Jealous Because Her Bathroom Is Larger Than Your Houses?

Because she's a symbol of the double standard in the world today. If you're rich, and a celebrity (for some reason) then you can thumb your nose at the rest of the world and do as you please. She... Read More »

Do The Yahoo Answers Metal Snobs Make You As Sick As They Make Me?

There are so many varieties of Metal music, IMO.Anyone who thinks Black Sabbath is not one of the MOST important bands in Metal History - is completely ignorant - but, that is my opinion.Every band... Read More »

TH Family: If we make our own website, does than mean we will leave Yahoo Answers?

No.I'm not going there anyway, we met here, the family united here, and we are a family on yahoo! There is no way i'm moving. The haters can never hurt us or tokio hotel, so there's no point in let... Read More »

How does the computer/Yahoo Answers make a category choice when asking a question?

No, it´s nothing related to that, YA registers all the questions and specifically the words related to your question for example if one person made a question once about michael jordan and he put ... Read More »