Is there a way to make things louder on my computer?

Answer Some programs have separate volume controls from those on the task bar where the little speaker symbol is.Look for the volume controls on other applications that you may be running. They may be tu... Read More »

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10 Things to Make Your Computer Faster?

Most computer owners have experienced the desire for an upgrade at some point. New games and computer applications are almost always more demanding than their previous versions, and a computer can ... Read More »

Things to Do to Make Your Computer Run Faster?

A slow computer can make for a frustrating experience. By making small changes to your computer, you can speed it up, allowing programs to run faster and streamlining your work or or play. Before y... Read More »

Why is my central air conditioning unit getting louder and louder?

could be the blower wheel itself is out of balance or the hub is coming loose from the blower...or the motor bearings are going has to be one of the two problems...

How do I get my computer--like the things i write in, to stop suggesting things?

This is a functionality of not only the browser that you use (which you did not tell us the brand or version level), but also the web pages that you visit.When it concerns web pages, that usually i... Read More »