Is there a way to make parenting easy?

Answer No there isn't. Parenting is complicated no matter what. It is never easy to be a mom or a dad since either way is hard. Even having just one tiny newborn baby as a firstborn child is extremely dif... Read More »

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Does there seem to be a lack of parenting questions in Parenting?

Sometimes yes. But I suppose it's because when we ask questions even if they aren't related to parenting we want a certain audience to see them.*Wow I guess the swine flu joke I posted has gained ... Read More »

Is there an easy way to make money online?

No really. But don't fall for the work at home envelope jobs! Or typing jobs. They are all a scam. If you need some help, you should contact your local government agencies for assistance.

A Parenting Survey to get to know the mommas out there [=?

1. Grace Marie2. The Chicago area3. Married4. Three5. James (Jamie), Caroline (Cara), and Jill (Jilly)6. I work as a Human Resources manager for a mid-sized insurance agency, and, put simply, I wor... Read More »

Is there a "Parenting" regular who's advice you look forward?

I know I'm going to leave someone out, but I like Des, Pdooma, Zorro and all his aliases, Judo, Jax's Mom, Buzz Moz, Sookie, Former S@HM, Tex and Dyot though I do think she's an elitist snob. Her ... Read More »