Is there a way to make home made jelly beans?

Answer I havent made these in yrs but heres one of the recipes similar to the one I used. Its not cost effective belive me. But alot of fun. Good luck and I hope they turn out the way you want them too. I... Read More »

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How are jelly beans made?

Jelly beans come in many flavors and colors--including traditional fruit flavors, gourmet flavors and holiday colors--and food chemists are constantly developing new combinations. Jelly bean manufa... Read More »

How many flavors of jelly beans are there?

As of 2010, Jelly Belly--a leading producer of jelly beans--lists 50 official jelly bean flavors. Jelly Belly, confectionnery shops and other candy manufacturers produce an indeterminable number of... Read More »

When did jelly belly begin making blueberry-flavored jelly beans?

Jelly Belly introduced blueberry-flavored jelly beans in 1981. The flavor was invented in honor of President Ronald Regan, who wanted to serve red, white and blue jelly beans at his inauguration pa... Read More »

How to Make My Own Flavor of Jelly Beans?

Rather than settling for the commercially made varieties of jelly beans, invent your own jelly bean flavors by using packages of gelatin dessert mix. Unlike traditional jelly beans, which have a ha... Read More »