Is there a way to make bread last longer... ie keep it from getting stale so fast.?

Answer I buy a few loaves and stick a couple in the freezer, when the bread from the freezer has thawed out it tastes fresher i think.Or you could just freeze half a loaf till youneed it

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How to Make Bread Crumbs with Stale Bread?

When your bread becomes stale, you don't have to throw it away. You can use the bread for French toast, to make croutons, or to make bread crumbs. Learning how to make bread crumbs with stale bread... Read More »

How to Make Stale Bread Soft Again?

If you have hard, stale bread or rolls that you don't want to waste, this is a way to make it soft and edible again. You need to do this when you are going to eat it.

Does stale bread make good toast?

Stale toast is great for toasting because it contains less moisture than fresh bread. Drier bread toasts quickly and won't get soggy or absorb toppings. Stale or day-old bread can also be used to ... Read More »

How to Make a Stale Loaf of Bread Edible?

Do you have a lovely artisan loaf of bread or a home-made loaf that have been left a day or so too long so that they are now hard enough to hammer with (but not moldy)?