Is there a way to make an flv file smaller on a Mac?

Answer Install a freeware Mac video conversion program (See Resources). Load the FLV file and choose FLV as the export format. Click the encoder options button and change to the desired video size. Making... Read More »

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How do I make a PDF into a smaller file?

Optimize the PDFOpen the PDF in Adobe Acrobat. Click "Advanced" and select "PDF Optimizer." From the "Make compatible with" drop-down box, select the version of Acrobat with which to make the PDF c... Read More »

How do I make the size of a PDF file smaller?

Save as . . .Open the PDF in either Adobe Acrobat or the free Adobe Reader. Click "File" and select "Save As" from the menu. Overwrite the existing file, using the same file name and saving the fil... Read More »

Does converting an AVI file to MP3 make it smaller?

Yes, converting a file from AVI to MP3 will decrease its size. AVI stands for Audio Video Interleaved, which means the file contains an audio and video track (even if the video track is black). Con... Read More »

How do i make a photo file a size smaller?

Browse for PhotoAccess an image resizing web application, such as, or Click the "Browse" button, then navigate to the photo on your computer that you ... Read More »