Is there a way to make a youtube without making a google account?

Answer You have to make a Google and Google+ account but you can delete your Google+ account.

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How do I stop youtube from asking me to link my google account with my youtube account?

there should be a cancel or some kind of cross button just to get rid of it, i have a google account but it still keeps on coming up :/

How do I make a SECURE youtube account without google hijackers changing my password?

the same thing is happening to me! i have made like 6 new accounts! it's good to use a password with special symbols in it, like:♥★ ☆ ✰(just copy and paste these off other websites, and these)

YOUTUBE: "Your account is permanently linked to a Google Account" - How Do I separate the two?

You change the e-mail address on your youtube account to a yahoo one.

Help in making a google adsense account?

your answer is here