Is there a way to link my lap top to my printer wirelessly?

Answer I am going to assume that you have a wireless router and that both computers are linked via your home network. (IE both computers can access the internet)There are two ways to do what you want:Chee... Read More »

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Is there an item i can buy or any other way i can connect my laptop and printer wirelessly?

It depends on the spec of your laptop and printer. If they both have blue tooth or wifi, then you can do it already.If not, you can get a USB wifi module for your laptop then a wireless print serv... Read More »

Is there a cable you can buy to link to a printer ?

For iPad, there is no cable that allows you to connect to a printer. Even if you did manage to connect via a cable, it would not work. You need a printer that is capable of AirPrint. Otherwise, you... Read More »

How to Print Wirelessly to a Printer?

As the use of home computers grows, many households have multiple desktop and laptop computers in use. Rather than purchasing a separate printer for each computer, connect one printer to a main com... Read More »

How do I wirelessly add a printer to a Macbook?……If your main desktop is a PC then you might try this, but first enable print sharing from the main desktop.How ... Read More »