Is there a way to link my lap top to my printer wirelessly?

Answer I am going to assume that you have a wireless router and that both computers are linked via your home network. (IE both computers can access the internet)There are two ways to do what you want:Chee... Read More »

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How Can I Used My Printer Wirelessly?

While most homes and professional offices use printers that communicate with computers via a wired connection, it is possible to use a printer wirelessly. This creates a cleaner, simpler office set... Read More »

How to Wirelessly Connect a PC to a Printer?

Wireless printing gives you the freedom to use a printer from a location that is within its wireless range. This can useful if you have several PCs that need to use one printer or if you have a PC ... Read More »

How to Print Wirelessly to a Printer?

As the use of home computers grows, many households have multiple desktop and laptop computers in use. Rather than purchasing a separate printer for each computer, connect one printer to a main com... Read More »

How do I wirelessly add a printer to a Macbook?……If your main desktop is a PC then you might try this, but first enable print sharing from the main desktop.How ... Read More »