Is there a way to increase my dedicated video ram?

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Will a dedicated phone line increase my DSL Internet speed?

DSL, or digital subscriber line, runs on the opposite pair on wires on your phone line which does not interfere with your actually voice lines. Having a second line will not improve your speed as t... Read More »

What is a dedicated video capture card?

A dedicated video capture card is a piece of computer hardware that allows for video to be recorded directly from a camera, play deck, television cable or satellite television receiver to your comp... Read More »

What does dedicated video memory 2048MB?

It's telling you how much VRAM your video card has. It really doesn't mean that much.

Can you go onto You Tube and rate and comment my video dedicated to Madeleine McCann please?

very,very,nice,that is such a sad thing that's happened to that family,my prayers to them on finding her safe.