Am I done growing Or there is a chance to grow taller?

Answer Tips from a grow-tall Doctor with copy-right: -The average range of genetic adult-height of a 16-year-6-month old, 148cm girl , is about 148 to 154.5cm tall.Part of the extracts from http://www.rej... Read More »

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How to tell if you are done growing Do i still grow taller?

Exercises to Increase HeightChakrasana (wheel pose) stretches the trunk region of the body thereby helps in elongation of the body from the stomach region. It relaxes the stiff muscles of the back ... Read More »

When do we stop growing taller?

On average, girls stop growing at the age of 18, whereas boys stop at the age of 20. In reality, everyone is different. An individual may stop growing before or after the average age.Source:BBC: Sc... Read More »

How tall will I be when Im done growing?

No. It's just the way your arm healed that made it look shorter than the other. You're already pretty tall. But everyone grows differently.

How tall do you think I will be when I'm done growing?…But I think anywhere from 5'6 to 5'8