Is there a way to get pregnant 14 days after your last period?

Answer !4 days after the start of your last period is the day of ovulation for females with a 28 day cycle. this id the perfect time to have sex if you want to be pregnant.

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Can you get pregnant 4 days after your period I have had slight cramping the last couple days I don't think it is an infection bc theres no odor itchingor rash.?

You can only get pregnant during ovulation. But all women ovulate at different times. But it's usually about two weeks before starting your period. So on average the chances of you getting pregnant... Read More »

You had unprotected sex 4 times 2 days before your period got your period and it stopped after 3 days can you be pregnant?

No, you wont because the periods are there to prepare the uterus for the reception of fertilized ovum. the start as a result of the breakdown of the previous ovum which was not fertilized. after ov... Read More »

Can you have sex three days before your period still get your period and be pregnant after your period?

Yes, it is possible. Although the "average" female has a 28 day cycle and is supposed to ovulate 14 days into that cycle, no female is the same and none of us are truly average. A number of factors... Read More »

If you have sex a week after you obvulate is there still a possibility you could be pregnant if your next period is expected in 5 days?

yes... you can even get pregnant on your period so I advise you get a pregnancy test if your period is more than a week late(because stress can make your period a little late),Demi Answer Its unli... Read More »