Is there a way to get my own personal wikipedia-like site?

Answer There are several sites which allow you to create a wikipedia-like site. Here's some of them: Read More »

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Is there any other site like wikipedia..?

There are. Where else to find it than Wikipedia?…There are about 22 free English language general encyclopedias listed.

Is there a site that has a user name like wikipedia thats this(Vingo)?

Sure is, Vince. That's me. I'm called "Wikipedia thats this(Vingo)" on quite a number of sites. It's got a ring to it, hasn't it? And no, you can't have it, so shove off.

Is there a more reliable but similar site to wikipedia?

Try out Citizendium. One of the founders of Nupedia (what soon became Wikipedia) created a more reliable fork of Wikipedia called Citizendium where edits are screened more and editors have to be a... Read More »

Is there a site where people can share the best articles on Wikipedia ?

On Wikipedia itself there is a page for that on…