Is there a way to get back on webkinz without buing a webkinzs?

Answer yes, starting on January 19th all accounts that expired in the past year will get un-expired, but with limited features.You will be able to log in and go to your pet's rooms, we're not sure yet wha... Read More »

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Is there a way to stop drooling without sleeping on your back?

This may not be the answer you wanted- but it's the truth! I used to be a massive drool-er, then I just trained myself to keep my mouth closed whilst I fall asleep. Simple as that! Hope it helps! :)

How to Access the Welcome Back Codes on Webkinz?

One year after the adoption of your last Webkinz pet, your account will expire unless you adopt a new pet on your account. If you have a friend whose account has expired, you can help her by findin... Read More »

Is there any way to get a document back when Word closed without saving?

Microsoft Word has an auto-recovery function that automatically saves files on a regular basis in case of an unplanned disruption. As long as you have this feature enabled, you can still recover yo... Read More »

Is there a state law that schools cannot hold a child back without a parent's permission?

There are no state laws that prevent a school from holding a child back without a parent's permission. According to an article in the Washington Post, most schools will not allow a student to prog... Read More »