Is there a way to get back double-sided printing under Windows Vista?

Answer Its a function of the driver. It is available under vista if the driver supports it. You might want to visit the local Kinkos.

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How do I print a pdf file double sided from a Windows Vista computer?

Windows Vista and the PDF file have nothing to do with you printing a document. It's your printer settings.Are you sure your printer supports double sided printing? If it doesn't, just have it pr... Read More »

Double sided printing need help?

Knowing the make & model of printer would help greatly.You need to specify that you want to print both sides when go to print, as well as make sure that duplex printing is enabled on the printer & ... Read More »

Types of Paper for Double-Sided Printing?

Printing on both sides of a piece of paper is beneficial for the environment and your wallet. While you can use any type of printer paper, some are better suited to handle the amount of ink that do... Read More »

Troubleshooting HP Deskjet 932C Double Sided Printing?

HP makes various types of printers that can be used at home or in an office. When your DeskJet 932c printer is not operating normally, you will need to find and correct the problem. Problems that c... Read More »