Is there a way to get OLD youtube layout back?

Answer No. I've tried too... sorry.

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How do I get the original Youtube layout back?

I don't think any of it is possible, sorry. I mean, I don't like what they did with youtube that I have seen, but oh well.

Where can I get a Youtube layout. And I mean YOUTUBE LAYOUTS!!!?

Unlike MySpace, YouTube does not have a custome-made layout. But you can change your backgorund image and experiment with the different types of colour combinations on your page by going to "My Acc... Read More »

Youtube new layout - need help?

Help with new youtube layout?

I tried to change mine back to the "old view' yesterday afternoon by following their (simple?) instructions;"If you'd like to change back to your old lay-out, you can do so right here on this page"... Read More »