Is there a way to erase permanent marker on a LCD monitor?

Answer go to a car shop, buy a can of "brake cleaner", apply it with a cotton ball, rub lightly.Won't damage rubbers or plastics and won't leave anything behind.

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What's the best way to erase permanent marker from your face?

How do you remove permanent marker on a dry erase board?

You don't. That's why there are dry erase markers. And why they are called PERMANENT markers, way to go.

How can i erase permanent marker writing in my computer screen?

Wow, you're getting a lot of odd answers. Is the screen an LCD screen or an older tube screen, the big old clunkers?If it's an LCD screen, I've actually tested this on an old cracked screen I had. ... Read More »

My 3 year old wrote on my computer monitor with black permanent marker?

I have written on Dry erase boards with permanent marker...To remove the Permanent marker, I have used a Dry erase marker over the permanent marker, tne erased the Dry erase marker..I would suggest... Read More »