Is there any free software to convert ppt files to video files?

Answer Yes, there is. Just go to Google and enter the following for a Search: convert PPT files to video filesSeveral locations will be made available to you.

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How to Convert AVI Files to Mpeg 4 Files With Freeware?

Microsoft's Audio Video Interleave (AVI) video file format contains nearly uncompressed video and audio data, resulting in movie files with top-tier playback quality. The MPEG-4 format also contain... Read More »

How do I convert FLV files to MPEG?

Convert with PrismInstall the application for converting video from NCH Software: Prism. Add the FLV video to the window. Choose ".mpg" from the list of output formats. Click the "Encoder Options" ... Read More »

How do I convert M4V files to MPEG?

Download and Install SoftwareDownload and install a video-conversion program that can convert M4V files to the MPEG format. The OJOSoft Total Video Converter, Any Video Converter and the River Past... Read More »

How do I Convert MKV to MPEG or AVI Files?

Fans of Anime, a cartoon style of Japanese, often use the Matroska video file format (MKV) for creating custom movie files. The MKV format allows users to add multiple custom subtitle tracks to the... Read More »