Is there a way to contact youtube about suggestions they should add?

Answer There may be. But if your ideas are that great patent them as intellectual property and sell them to youtube!

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Contact lens suggestions?

try acuvue contacts. they work great for me!

Need new contact lens suggestions?

I got Acuvue Oasys about 1-2 years ago & still use them, their very great, for the 1st week it bothered my eyes alot because I was new to them but nowadays I forget that I wear them. I usually get ... Read More »

I have a 20 year outstanding student loan. - Any suggestions on who to contact?

If you are ddisabled you need to see if you can get a loan discharge. (Folks who are 100% disabled may qualify to not have to pay off the loan). This is one of the benefits of federal loans. Whe... Read More »

Suggestions and feedback for my youtube videos please?

I would say your channel has okay content. The thing I think you need to do, is make your channel stand out. I mean there are a lot of gaming channels, so you either make something new and creative... Read More »