Is there a way to connect a PC to a tv so that the TV acts as a monitor?

Answer today's video card has TV-out, just need a cable

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Is there a lead / cable that you can get to connect PC to TV so that the TV then becomes the monitor?

Unless you have a High Definition TV I wouldn't bother. The resolution of a normal TV is too low for anything except playing games. it would be like using your normal monitor in 640 x 480 mode... m... Read More »

Can I hook up my Sharp Aquos tv so that it acts as my monitor for my pc?

If you only need it to watch movies, view photos and play songs then you can simply get a dlna software like KOORAROO. It allows you to stream your multimedia files on devices that support dlna.

Is there a way to connect 2 towers to 1 Monitor?

Yes, it is called a KVM switch. When plugged in you hit a certain combination of buttons, mine is ctl+double tap the home key, and then the monitor will flicker a second as the switch changes your ... Read More »

Is there a way I can connect my 360's RGB cord into my computer monitor?

The monitor might have an audio output which will spit the HDMI's audio right back out. You can connect speakers to this. Otherwise, your monitor most likely has a VGA input as well. You can buy... Read More »