Is there a way to completely shut down your gag reflex?

Answer Tilt head back as far as hang it off the side of the bed and you stand over her...

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Is there a way to shut down a facebook account?

Facebook only allows users to "deactivate" their accounts, leaving their information intact. If you want to permanently delete your facebook acount:1. Make sure your Facebook account contains a con... Read More »

How can you stop others from logging onto your computer I shut down and it says there are others logged onto?

do you use a wireless router? if yes, password protect it so that others cant steal your internet connection.But from what i know, what happens to you is that someone else has also logged onto your... Read More »

Do you shut your computer down?

I also have a surge protector, but i do shut mine down when there is lightning during a storm, just to be safe. i already had lightning take one of my computers.

My computer is slow boot, shut down, and pull up files. I have Windows XP home addition. Is there a fix?

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