Is there a way to check others IP address?

Answer if you have a direct connection with that person, by a shared file or what not, you can open up command prompt. run > cmdtype the command arp -a and it will give you a list of ip addresses

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How to Check a Web Address?

In order to protect your identity, you may want to check the validity of a Web address before you decide to input your credit card or other personal information. Unfortunately there are many websit... Read More »

How do I check a website's IP address?

Click "Start" then "Run." In the dialog box that pops up, type "cmd" then hit "Enter." A terminal window will open. On the command line, type "nslookup (website address)", e.g., "nslookup www.googl... Read More »

How do I check a Mac computer address?

Go to the Start menu and then the "Run" command, or in newer versions type directly in the search bar in the start menu. Type in "ipconfig /all." This will list all of the network cards on your com... Read More »

How to Check Your IP Address with IPSnap.Net?

This is a quick way to find your Public IP address, in windows vista, but will work for all versions of OS