Is there a way to change the caller ID for the online database?

Answer yes for google. i don't no about skype. go to search on google. Next hit your pic. then hit account. then hit email adress so then you can change it.

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Gaia Online is telling me "database-error: not connected to a database." What do I do?

Knowing Gaia, somebody probably tripped over a server cord or something. Everything will go back to normal after they get back from their coffee break/laser tag match and plug it back in.

How to Build an Online Gaming Database?

What If you could make your own game world! It would be great if you could just play on You know they have a lot of games but still not enough for some of us.

How to Cite an Online Magazine Database?

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On Gaia Online, it says " General error: not connected to a database " ?

Oh phew, I'm not the only with this. I was quite scared from it. Kept logging in and kept getting errors. Well hopefully gaia will fix it soon. Must be technical issue of some sort.