Is there a way to automatically get rid of empty rows in excel 2007?

Answer Like with most anything within the MS-Office applications, there are several ways to handle situations.If your data has several "report headers" every 50 or 60 rows, then using a "Sort" might be th... Read More »

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How to Delete Empty Rows in Excel?

To delete all the empty rows, or rows missing a particular value can be done in 5 seconds!

How many rows are in Excel 2007?

There are 1,048,576 rows available in a Microsoft Excel 2007 workbook. This is a marked increase from the 65,536 rows that were available to users of Microsoft Excel 2003.Source:Microsoft: What's N... Read More »

How to Number the Rows in Excel 2007?

When creating spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel 2007, certain situations may come up in which you want to number the rows in the spreadsheet sequentially. Microsoft Excel 2007 also allows you to dict... Read More »

How to Enable Extra Rows in Excel 2007?

Microsoft Excel 2007 is a handy program that allows you to perform everything from accounting to word processing. Through the use of cells that can be formatted in a number of different ways, you ... Read More »