Is there a way in the Air Force that allows a spouse to rent a house during her husband deployment with the air force paying for it?

Answer enlisted personnel must service out their enlistment unless there is a dire cause for early release. An officer can resign from service..............

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Is there an air force reg stating that if a mil to mil married couple returns from deployment the spouse has time off?

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Husband is not a marine yet but soon will be. I am active duty air force and I have a job that's at EVERY base. I work in finance.Can a marine husband and air force wife be stationed with each other?

It's a dodgy prospect even if you're married and in the same military branch; it's worse if one is a Marine and the other isn't. The military has made great strides since my wife and I (we were bo... Read More »

Can i force my husband to sell the house if i want a divorce in maryland?

In Maryland, even if your husband owns only half of your marital home, you cannot force him to sell it. The only way that a home sale can be forced is if a judge orders it--and that won't happen un... Read More »

Job Description of an Air Force Unit Deployment Manager?

The United States Air Force is an exciting experience for those who want to serve their country. The U.S. Air Force was created in 1947 from the Army Air Corps. That commission was determined by on... Read More »