Is there a way i can text someone on my computer?

Answer Hello,I think it is another message asked in the wrong category like 90% of the questions in this one.Sorry not able to tell you where you can do that because it mainly depends to which country the... Read More »

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How Can I Send My Pictures From the Computer Through a Text Message to Someone Else?

Most mobile providers include a personal email address with your phone where you can send emails from your computer that show up as texts on your cellphone. Although not all carriers or subscriptio... Read More »

How to send messages to a phone on a Macbook Is there some kinda of chat to text someone?

There is a way to do this, but depending on who is calling whom, you may have to pay for it. Skype (there is a version for Mac) can make calls and send messages from a computer to a phone.

Is there a website where you can spam someone with a custom text message like a 100 times?

Ok heres what you do type in free flash game download on his pc or phone go to like page 50 and download something then he will be spamed like 100 msgs a minute

Is there any way I can send a text message to someones cellphone through the computer?

Surfdog has the right idea "Sure, go to website of the carrier that your friend subscribes to." Here is a little more information for you. All cell phones have a e-mail equivalent, here in the USA ... Read More »