Is there a way i can text someone on my computer?

Answer Hello,I think it is another message asked in the wrong category like 90% of the questions in this one.Sorry not able to tell you where you can do that because it mainly depends to which country the... Read More »

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It is bad to text around my computer?

Don't worry. Nothing will happen to your screen. It's just electronic interference. Every computer does that when around cellphones that are receiving information.

How do i encrypt a text on my computer?

Encrypting things on your computer will make it impossible for someone else to access files on your computer without the passphrase, as long as you haven't left it unlocked. TrueCrypt is a popular ... Read More »

How to Delete Text on a Computer?

Did you just get a new computer and are wondering about some of the basics? Don't worry, although it can be done in numerous ways, it is very simple to delete text on a computer.

How to Send a Text From My Computer?

Text messaging is a convenient and quick way to contact someone when calling is not possible or appropriate. With the modern technology you don't even need a cellphone if you have access to a compu... Read More »