Is there a way for parents to spy on there kids internet use?

Answer There are multiple ways for parents to be able to monitor their children's personal computers. They can use programs downloaded from the internet and use the network between the computer's to simpl... Read More »

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Is it okay for parents to hit there kids?

No! It's completely wrong and abusive. Whoever does this is cruel and I hope that go to prison for several years or even life. I'm sorry but... how could you not know that this isn't okay? But if ... Read More »

Can non-custodial parents see there kids if homeless?

Unfortunately it is up to judicial discretion. In a case where someone is homeless, "supervised visitation" can take place, but is typically at at courthouse, police station, or other unhealthy atm... Read More »

Why do parents not want there kids to have sex?

Because they only want there kids to have sex from the ages 18 and up

Is there a way for me to get internet without my parents knowing?