Is there a way for me to get internet without my parents knowing?

Answer if its a laptop u can use wi-fi

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What's the best way to buy something off the internet without parents knowing?

If you're using their credit/debit cards then you're out of luck. It's going to be in their statements/bills and they will find out about it.If you're buying the underwear with a gift card ( ex.Van... Read More »

How to Browse Internet Websites Without Your Parents Knowing?

Do you want to look at a website but don't want your parents to know? This article will help you.

How to Surf the Internet on a Macintosh Without Your Parents Knowing?

There are already a couple of wikihows on this, but it seems like they are all for Windows, this is for Safari.

Is there a way to buy on Ebay without parents knowing?

I'm pretty sure you need a credit card in order to buy something off Ebay but you can always pay for things through PayPal money orders or cash in the mail. It should be on eBay though, the sender ... Read More »