Is there a way can i see coded or decoded tv chanells on the internet..?


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What were some coded messages intercepted and decoded by the US Military Intelligence and Great Britain?

Answer One was the JN-25 code which gave us the battle of Midway Island. We were only decoding 10% of the code at the time, but on a hunch they sent a fake message to Midway. The message was to sa... Read More »

Why my Sky HD chanells doesn't look high resolution?

If you aren't connecting HDMI, use that. The RF out on the HD box is only SD.

Who decoded the rosetta stone?

English polymath Thomas Young started working on decoding the Rosetta Stone but gave up after only decoding "Ptolemaios." Jean-François Champollion is credited with discovering the code was a phon... Read More »

Do you want your VIN fully decoded?

you are a gentleman and a scholar! now I gotta wait to get home to give you my VIN #