Is there a way a person could listen to a police scanner in your home PC?

Answer…It is kind of generic, but it is a place to start.

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I was interested in a Police Scanner or a CB for my home. Something to listen to while I am in my workshop.?

A cb would take a little more effort to set up. You would need a cb, power supply and antenna. A scanner would be easier to setup and use. You can search for you local area frequencies at Radiorefe... Read More »

Is it still possible to listen to the police on a police scanner?

If I am correct, you are most likely either talking about trunked radio systems or digital radio systems. In both cases, you can listen to the police. You just need a newer scanner that can follow ... Read More »

Is there a police scanner app or just a scanner app for iPhone that let's you enter your own frequency?

No, all police scanner apps get live scanner audio feeds that are fixed on certain frequencies.

I have a uniden bearcat police scanner and there is a short in the cord and i was wandering if i could get a?

just take the old one to radio shack an they will match it up for you also take the scanner so you can make sure it will work before you leave the store