Is there a way I can stop having such "fertile discharge"?

Answer no- it's Normal and Healthy & All females get it- you have to learn to deal with it like the rest of us do…

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Is there such thing as having too much tea?

No. Too much caffeine could probably be bad for you.Too much sugar could be bad for you.I drink lots of decaf tea with sweeteners and semi-skimmed milk. After switching from sugar to sweeteners for... Read More »

Is there such a thing has having a way to convert a VHS to DVD?

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Is there a such thing as having purple eyes?

Elizabeth Taylor's eyes are a natural violet color without any enhancement by contacts or anything. She was notorious for them back in the 1950's and 60's when she did the movie, Cleopatra, and we... Read More »

I am having such a hard time convincing my husband and his family to agree with me to stop breast feeding?

I think I'd just stick my fingers in my ears and hum with the MIL... but I agree with you that hubby should have some say. Perhaps you can talk to him about *slow* and gentle weaning. (I gave the... Read More »