Is there a way I can stop having such "fertile discharge"?

Answer no- it's Normal and Healthy & All females get it- you have to learn to deal with it like the rest of us do…

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Does an increase in watery discharge almost like fertile mucus 10-12 days post ovulation and also a softer cervix possibly indicate pregnancy?

Answer It can be. Best to test and if that comes out negative assuming you haven't had your period yet, wait another week. If still no sign of period and a negative test again, go see your doctor.G... Read More »

Does a thin brownish vaginal discharge a few days after intercourse during your fertile days mean you are pregnant?

Answer Usually after you have stopped your mensus "dead blood" may form in pockets for a few days after giving you a brownish discharge. If you have not had a mensus and are having a brownish vagin... Read More »

When am i fertile, what does fertile and ovulation mean?

Ovulation is when the egg passes from the ovaries through to fallopian tubes to the uterus. This is when you are most 'fertile'. Fertile means when you are most likely to become pregnant.On average... Read More »

What type of discharge will you get if you receive a discharge for 2 alcohol incidents in the coast guard?

If I was throwing you out for two alcohol-related incidents, I could go one of four ways. (Note: this is an Army answer, the Coast Guard is probably similar.)If you'd been in the service for less t... Read More »