Is there a way I can put my television audio in Spanish?

Answer I learned Spanish from Soap Operas ...they're really useful..but I can't spell Spanish :(

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Trying to hookup a AIWA stereo to television so it can play audio from the television?

My tv is an LG LED tv rigged to a panasonic home theater system in the bedroom. But my partners tv which is in the living room is also a Toshiba (ours is LCD, i dont know if yours is though) like y... Read More »

How do you program a frequency directly into the memory of a Yaesu FT-60 and still hear the audio when you have tried but there is no audio?

Program Yaesu Ft-60 You may have the right frequency, but there a couple or three encoding schemes for encoding the squelch control on the radio's receive section. You won't be able to hear any au... Read More »

What does DVI mean on television audio?

In television audio, DVI is an acronym short for Digital Visual Interface. DVI is the standard device used to transfer digital data to a digital display. Before the DVI was invented by the DDWG, or... Read More »

Are there audio optical cable adapters, or multi-pronged audio optical cables of some sort?

doesn't your tv have optical out? which would solve plugging in directly to the sound inputs on the sound bar so the tv inputs would get redirected to the sound bar