Is there a way I can make my lumpy nail polish work like new?

Answer Whenever my nail polish becomes lumpy I put a bit of nail polish remover in the container, close the lid and shake it well. This is just temporary of course. Once you use this method on the same na... Read More »

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How can I get the yellow stain out of my finger nails from nail polish quickly Like, is there a way overnight?

Try soaking your nails in warm/hot soapy water for a few minutes. Painting your nails a top/clear coat should also help. Hope this helps!

How to Make Nail Polish Look Like It's Faded?

If you're slightly bored by just painting your nails with one color, try a fading technique. The technique requires two different colored shades of polish which fade into each other on the nail. Th... Read More »

I must be allergic to nail polish. is there a polish i can use that won't give me a rash?

Nail Polish isn't just made up of one specific thing. You have to see what individual thing(s) you're allergic to. Say you used a polish with formaldehyde, maybe you're allergic to that... there ar... Read More »

How to Apply Nail Polish Like Nail Salons?

A professional manicure is an enjoyable treat, but frequent trips to the nail salon quickly adds up in time and money. Replicating the detailed application of a professional nail job can seem diffi... Read More »