Is there a way I can fix a picture up that I just scanned?

Answer Your scanning software should have settings for image size. Aside from that, what are you using to view your pictures? All of these things affect how big the pictures are. If you want to just adjus... Read More »

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How do you make a scanned picture on Microsoft word to a real picture that you can put it as your picture on?

ok .. it can be done .. there is different ways .. dippending on the setuation u have .. try this : - right click on the pic in the word file > copy - then go to any folder on the your computer ... Read More »

How come the preview scan picture that my scanner shows doesn't look like the final scanned digital picture?

The preview is just so you know how it is going to look like, and is usualy faster, and after you make the final scan, having selected the part of the image that you want, it should make a better q... Read More »

I can't upload a picture that I scanned to any website!?

You need to respect the size and format. Save your pic as a jpeg and then, upload it. Makse sure the picture is no more than 2" x 2".

I'm so stinkin mad at my pc...Why is there an error when I try to save the files I just scanned?

there is an error because you are so hot you melted the computer