Is there a way I can connect my 360's RGB cord into my computer monitor?

Answer The monitor might have an audio output which will spit the HDMI's audio right back out. You can connect speakers to this. Otherwise, your monitor most likely has a VGA input as well. You can buy... Read More »

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Can you connect a USB cord from a monitor to a computer?

A display port cable connects a monitor to a computer. However, a USB cable can work for other hardware connections, such as connecting a mouse, keyboard or printer to a computer.References:Dell: H... Read More »

Can an extension cord be used to power a computer monitor?

Computer monitors today come with their own removable power cords. Plug this cord into the wall, an extension cord or a power strip to safely use the monitor. You cannot plug an extension cord dire... Read More »

Can you convert a computer monitor into a surveillance monitor?

A monitor can be easily converted into a surveillance monitor by installing a web cam with a motion sensor. The sensor will activate the camera and record for a predetermined length of time.Source:... Read More »

What Cable Cord Is Needed to Connect a Computer to HDMI Ports?

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. Today, most high-definition television receivers have a built-in HDMI port. This port is used to connect other high-definition or digital devic... Read More »